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Kelly Cameron-Tull

Mortgage Broker, Fortitude Valley
Credit Representative #400766

Stephen Doherty

Mortgage Broker / Loans Administrator, Fortitude Valley, Credit Representative #388712

Phoebe De Re

Office Manager, Fortitude Valley



Kelly Cameron-Tull – Mortgage Broker, Fortitude Valley, Credit Representative #400766

Kelly was 10 when her grandparents’ home was sold and her and her family (grandparents, parents, uncle, brother and sister) were forced to rent. Seeing her grandmother, a very stoic woman, upset at the kitchen sink, worrying about losing the house, a young Kelly made a decision to buy her grandmother another house when she got older. Seeing the distress that not having a family home had on her family, Kelly made it her business to help people buy houses, and to achieve financial security through real estate investing.

Though she followed the well -trodden path of obtaining a degree and graduate diplomas in business, she took up an opportunity to work in Seoul, in a merchant bank in South Korea straight out of university. Working in a country that was in the midst of a financial crisis was eye-opening, and rewarding, but her passion to work in finance and help people on a personal level led her to work back in Australia for one of the big four banks. After one year though, she left the bank, and commenced working as a mortgage broker, keen to build more personal relationships with her clients and to make a real difference to the way people related to their money. Kelly set her goal to retire at 30, and after not finding the answer from many “financial” experts, she realised that she was going to have to work out how to do it.

Having found a “mentor” in John, a taxi driver, Kelly was keen to build her own financial security through real estate investing. At 25, Kelly purchased her first home, (the home her grandparents now live in), and she has been buying (and selling occasionally) real estate ever since. She has amassed a sizeable property portfolio and her clients benefit from the huge depth of her experience that she has in real estate purchases and real estate investing. Kelly has helped people from all walks of life, in areas such as saving to buy their first place (whether that has been a home, or an investment property), or just helping people pull their lives back together after something traumatic.

Kelly is highly sought after, because of her technical skill in mortgage broking and deal structuring, and her negotiation skills. She is intensely passionate about her work as a mortgage broker, and she stays at the cutting edge of what is happening in the financial and property markets, which is of enormous benefit to her clients.

"Everything is possible. If you don’t ask, you don’t get."


Stephen Doherty - Mortgage Broker / Loans Administrator, Fortitude Valley, Credit Representative #388712

Stephen started with the Get Real Finance team in March 2010. His career began with a major Bank, much of which was completed in regional and North Queensland areas. After 16 years he decided to move into the Mortgage Broking industry. Over the past 12 years Stephen has worked in key roles for businesses both large and small. These roles include mortgage broker, credit advice officer and loans processor.

Stephen’s primary role is to assist Kelly and other brokers with completion of loan applications and to manage each application daily from submission to settlement.  His aim is to ensure each step of the process is dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Stephen has a wealth of experience in the credit process area and is known to many lenders in the industry for his honesty, dedication and loyalty.  Stephen enjoys the processing of applications and communicating with lenders to achieve the desired results for clients.

Stephen is married with 3 children, lives in the Ipswich area in the home they purchased 11 yrs ago.

"I love a challenge and the success of an application approval"


Phoebe De Re - Office Manager, Fortitude Valley

Phoebe joined the Get Real Finance team in February 2012. She has 9 years’ experience in customer service roles in the retail industry as well as 5 years’ experience in administration roles in the property/construction and services industries. Phoebe enjoys being the central point of contact for clients as it allows her to meet new people and assist them in achieving their goals.

Phoebe is the crucial link between clients and brokers. Primarily a customer service role, ensuring clients and potential clients have a point of contact available at all times. Additionally, she oversees office administration and providessupport to the brokers in progressing client applications.

Phoebe is from a large family originating from the NSW North Coast, she has a fiancée and 2 young children. They have recently purchased their first home on the Brisbane Bay side area. She enjoys spending time with her family who all love to spend time outdoors.

"Live the Dream"