First Home Owners


Starting out as a home owner for the first time can be a mixed bag of excitement and feeling overwhelmed. An important question you should ask yourself is—where are you getting your information from? Mum and dad is certainly a great source to how you will approach the research and decision making phases. But if they haven’t bought in a long time; their guidance might miss the mark. Or you may owned property overseas and haven’t yet got your head around the Australian process.

We put the whole process into view for you and show you what the total costs of home ownership will mean for you.

We are with you every step of the way, with the answers to your questions.

It begins with your budget.

If you’ve already been to the bank, you may have been given the thrill of pre-approval from a lender. You may have even been to a major bank and walked out gobsmacked at how much they think you can borrow. We want you to have the thrill of being able to make repayments and have income available for your lifestyle.

The different lending options are explained, cash-flow principles are shown, and your budget is tested. The next stop is looking at property.

With information on the local market, suburb profiles and online research tools, your purchasing experience will be what it should be—strategic and comfortable. We will show you how to connect with those building and pest guys and what to make of their reports.

When you’re ready; it’s contract time.

We show you what a contract looks like and how to make an offer. With your okay, we will assist you in preparing your first home owners grant application. The words ‘approved’ and ‘sold’ will soon enough be ringing in your ears.