Chris & Gill Tetley

We have used the services of Kelly in both her previous business and as Get Real Finance for refinancing ,and purchasing investment and residential properties.

Get Real Finance offers a comprehensive service in terms of residential and suburb history coupled with a range of financing options.

Kelly's knowledge of the finance market is truly amazing. in that she knows the business backwards and can quote the most likely scenario in all of our situations.

Kelly has made a significant impact on the way we structured our property investments. She is an absolute delight to work with and we have referred a number of friends to her and they have equally been impressed. And all of the Tetley family-ourselves and both our sons, are Kelly supporters.

We would like to thank Kelly for her enthusiasm and the way she has taught us to manage money more efficiently. "You're the best Kelly!"

Kirsten Richards

I bought my first home (a unit) in 2004. However, the prospect of dealing with banks, real estate agents, government regulations, and insurance requirements all on my own almost stopped me from getting into the property market at all. Then Kelly came along.

A friend at work told me about Kelly, that she was the best and would look after me. That was no exaggeration and if anything, it was an understatement.

Kelly "held my hand" through the entire process, guiding me, advising me, and doing all the hard work that would have completely overwhelmed me. Kelly would explain very complex processes, rules, and regulations to me so that it all made sense. She did all the paperwork and talking with banks so all I had to do was basically sign the forms. This saved me endless hours and stress and took the load off of me having to run around trying to do it all myself during lunch breaks at work, after work, and on weekends. It freed me up so that I could use my spare time to actually find a property and then organise the move. In 2008 when I was thinking of selling my unit and "upgrading" to a house, the first thing I did was go straight back to chat with Kelly. Her knowledge of not only banking and finance matters but also of current and future trends in real estate is nothing short of astounding.

Could I afford to sell? Would I make enough on the sale to afford a house? Could I afford the repayments? Where should I buy? What should I buy? Kelly provided insightful and specific advice based on what my goals for the purchase were. Kelly and her highly professional team were with me throughout my property search. They helped me decide on potential properties, and answered any questions I had regarding potential repayments and other mortgage matters. When the "right" property came along and the decision made to buy, the Get Real team went into full flight, getting all the paperwork, approvals, and the voluminous documents sorted to secure the loan and then make sure all financial requirements were ready well before settlement.

I cannot speak highly enough of Kelly and her team. They do so much more than simply securing a home loan. They love what they do and go beyond the call to get the best for each client. Their passion and drive is infectious. When the time comes for me to sell and buy again, there's no question of who I'll be wanting to have with me throughout that process - Get Real Finance. They are the best.

Kerryn Dowding

APD, Consultant Dietitian

My husband Chris and I have been Get Real Finance customers for over 5 years. During that time, Kelly and her team have consistently 'pushed the envelope' to help us achieve our goals. She coached us through the nerve-wracking purchase of our first home, then the second and third. With Get Real, we didn't just get a mortgage broker, we got advice, support and someone who worked hard for the best deal. They have always stuck through right to the very end (and afterwards). Chris and I have never been 'normal' loan applicants. First I was a student, then a contractor and now both Chris and I are self employed. Without Get Real we would not have gotten home loans at standard rates. We have experienced many instances of extraordinary service, but here's a couple:

1. When we purchased our first house, Kelly gave us advice about what we had to do to be able to buy. Things like, how much we needed to save, explained the process, interest rates, all fees and charges, how to search for houses to buy, contact for building & pest inspector she used herself and many other details. We were very scared about taking that next step (especially since I was a student at the time). Kelly gave us the confidence and motivation to take that next step. She supported us through the whole process, right through and after settlement. When our home loan came off the honeymoon rate (discounted variable rate), she called us and suggested we transfer to a different lender to get a better deal and this saved us thousands of dollars. She could have easily just left things be and not called us.

2. When we purchased our third home (& kept the second house) we took on a much bigger loan. The timeframe was very short between finance approval and settlement. Kelly pulled off a miracle to get the bank to do documents in time and persuade the other bank to release our mortgage in time. It was a stressful situation as many settlements are. We had a truck of furniture waiting to be delivered to our new home and our conveyancer blocked settlement due to a personal disagreement with bank staff. We had tried to sort it out ourselves with no luck. Kelly sorted it out for us and we were able move into our new home. We would recommend Get Real Finance to everyone looking for a mortgage broker that is truly interested in helping you reach your goals. In fact, many of our family and friends now use Get Real Finance too.