Why Choose Us

We’re a small but potent business driven by a big heart.

Kelly promised her grandfather she would use her unique expertise and life experience to help people. She lives this promise with her heart and soul poured into the Get Real Finance brand, its clients, and her team.

Kelly gives back to global and local communities like Build Cambodia, Safe Haven Community, and other charitable and not-for-profit organisations.

The brand ethos is grounded in “When the student is ready, the teacher comes”. The original root meaning of the word teacher means “to show”. So that’s what Kelly and the Get Real Finance team do every day. They show people what’s possible when they have the backing and support from a team that cares.

Kelly Cameron

Finance and Property Strategist/Director

Tight team, no geographical boundaries

We broker finance from the best, as proven by our team, to give you real finance to support your goals in life. Our office is Brisbane-based but our clients and are located across Australia.

As our client, you’ll quickly see that we’re about relationships, not transactions. Even after your loan is paid out, you’re still our client. That’s because we exist to educate and motivate people to understand and leverage the power of getting real finance to become empowered to achieve their goals.  

Ignite real possibilities

We’ve got endless success stories to tell and education to share. At the nexus of all those stories is the care factor that goes into how our brokers make those success stories happen. They want to understand what’s happening in your life and what your goals are. Through careful listening and asking the right questions at the right time, our brokers feel out where people are in their financial journey and create a supportive space to explore what’s possible in getting finance. Achieving your ‘why’ is why we’re here. While the mechanism of our industry is the loan, it’s always so much more than that. It’s about the opportunities it creates and the impacts it has on your life and those you love.

When experiences are shared, ideas spread and the possibilities can start to ignite in people’s minds. It’s through our clients’ words that other people become inspired to contact us with the confidence that we’re a business with a big heart and big reach.

What our clients say...